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Metric pioneered the concept of Centralised Parking Management. Communications networking (ASLAN) now links 15,000+ machines via GSM/GPRS. Real time reporting technology provides management information vital to maximising revenue and controlling costs. Whether the requirement is for an isolated environment or for ticketless 'Space System' technology, for payment flexibility or for cultural compliance.


How it works

Real Time Monitoring

The provision of a two way communication link between the pay and display machine and the parking/management office is required. This allows real time information to be passed over a GSM, GRPS, LAN or Wi-fi networks giving the parking operator complete management of the machine stock. Information is passed on all warnings including low tickets, coin box status, machine alarms plus a comprehensive log of all transactions data for auditing and statistical analysis. The two way communication allows tariffs, configurations and clocks synchronisation to be carried out remotely at the touch of a button or automated for complete piece of mind. Complete autonomous operation can be utilised by using the SMS text or email message facility to inform enforcement or maintenance personnel of the machine alerts directly to their mobile phone/device. The software is now 100% web based and can be utilised by as many clients as desired by the operators on web enabled devices.


Statistical Analysis

The powerful reporting module within webASLAN provides the operator with a highly detailed and comprehensive audit and reporting tool. The detailed log from the Elite provides the user with complete parking management information. The software is driven from a web based environment but does require a Microsoft Excel™ for presentation of the data. Microsoft Excel™ was chosen as it the most widely used spreadsheet application amongst our worldwide users and provides added flexibility and powerful spreadsheet tools. It is a key benefit of webASLAN that there are twenty four management reports provided as standard with the software, including time band analysis of tickets sold by the hour, period analysis of sales by tariff per machine, machine activities by the minute, enforcement staff tracking. In fact almost every report you will need can be extracted from the data and these can be selected for reporting on hours, days, weeks, months etc.


Google Maps Integration



Google Earth™ & Google Maps™ Integration

WebASLAN back office suite has integration with Google products. Combining webASLAN with Google Earth or maps allows the operator to locate their machines on these mapping products to give and instant overview of their machine stock, availability and usage.

Tom Tom Satelite Navigation


Navigation Device Integration

The powerful tools within the webASLAN back office allow the operator to utilise portable navigation devices, pin pointing the location and best/fastest route to machine locations. This can save time and fuel when needing to attend to a machine for first line maintenance or the file can be passed to cash in transit companies as part of their contract if necessary.



Tariffs and TARIFF EDITOR Software

The Elite tariff system is designed to support a wide range of fixed rate and/or proportional rate tariff calculations.


The main features of this tariff system include:


  • Support for timed activation of the tariff file allowing tariff changes to be preloaded into the system (Pending files).
  • Support for multiple tariffs to allow for different charging structures during the year (e.g. Summer/Winter or Peak/Off Peak tariffs) without needing to manually change the active tariff. This is automatic and does not require a setup procedure at the machine.
  • Support for two types of special days known as ‘Holidays’ and ‘Special Days’ that can be used within rules to automatically alter the charging structure for those days. An example of this may be free on bank holidays and higher tariffs on special event days.
  • Support for combinations of fixed rate and/or proportional rate tariff rules allowing complex tariff structures to be created.
  • Options for controlling the action on overpayment.
  • Tariff structures can be configured according to the minute of the hour, hour of the day, day of the week etc. During periods when the operating hours are closed the machine can be configured to reject all coins inserted into it. This can be configured by the operator to collect coins when necessary.

WebASLAN is available in our secure hosted environment or can be installed at customer sites. Full training is provided to operators with advanced and refresher packages available on every aspect of the system. Systems support is provided by our team of software engineers.

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