London Borough of Sutton upgrade to new METRIC terminals

Mar 6, 2017 | Parking

London Borough of Sutton has started their full replacement programme of their parking machines, upgrading them to METRIC Elite LS terminals via the ESPO framework.

143 new parking terminals are being installed across the borough in both on- and off-street locations. Most of the on-street terminals are now solar powered as the old mains-powered METRIC Accent terminals are phased out. Twenty new mains powered machines are being installed in high usage areas.

In off-street locations, the Elite LS terminals will all have HD video screens to promote local retailers. These terminals will also be fitted with keypads for number plate entry for car parks.

The council has also upgraded their alert system to METRIC’s comprehensive back office system with ‘Real Time Reg’ and ‘Web Services’.

Joe Teo, Technical Officer at the council, said, “The new Elite LS P&D machines are performing to our expectations. We are very pleased with the support and assistance rendered by METRIC Group throughout the installation and commissioning of these P&D machines”

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