How Parking can help regenerate the High Street

Apr 5, 2017 | Parking

Paying for parking has long been blamed for the ‘death’ of the high street, but parking technology from METRIC could breathe new life into our once loved town centres and boost the local economy.

Building on a system that saw massive improvements in parking for supermarket giant Tesco, METRIC can now offer councils and private operators a new scheme which can be rolled out to local retailers to encourage shoppers back to the high street. The concept is simple, reward consumers who shop at local businesses with free or discounted parking on their next visit, in doing so promoting customer retention, return visits to the town centre and a feel good factor around parking.

Creating and implementing this scheme is simple via the new METRIC back office, Mi-Office. Using the new feature functionality, Mi-Vouchers, operators can create barcodes which when presented at the parking terminal trigger a discount for the motorist.  Barcodes can be allocated to any scheme so can also be used for residential permits or membership schemes.

Parking terminals are the new OOH (out-of-home) advertising platform, both METRIC’s Elite LS and Sprite parking machines can be fitted with an HD video screen, giving operators have another way to promote local businesses whilst also generating an additional revenue stream through selling advertising space. Vivid, high definition content can be deployed remotely to METRIC’s parking terminals via Mi-Media, making it easy for the operator create and manage advertising campaigns.

Our multi-service terminals can be used for more than just parking, printing tickets for a multitude of needs, including promotional vouchers. Our concept gives local retailers the opportunity to partner with operators to offer exclusive discounts to motorists.  At the terminal, the motorist can choose to print discount vouchers to be used in partnering cafes, restaurants, shops or any local business.

At METRIC, we see parking as the solution for bringing shoppers back to the high street; join us on stand A10 to see these three concepts in action.

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