Metric Group is proud to introduce Metric Safes. A versatile range of safes and security solutions, for both domestic and commercial applications.

Metric heritage dates back over 130 years, to the Bell punch company. Renowned to be the first manufacturer to develop a ticket issuing machine, this unique product was the beginning of our passion for innovation.

Since the early 1980s, the Metric brand has been synonymous with parking, from the first contactless payment terminal, to leading the way in the networking of pay and display machines. The drive for business development is fundamental to our core values. Supported by a nationwide field service team and dedicated customer support specialists, Metric are determined to continue providing new solutions to our customers.

An aspect of parking terminal technology that is generally under-considered is their ability to reliably and robustly secure cash. Metric dedicate engineering resource into the continuous development of the anti-theft systems, integrated into our products. As such, this has become a passionate focus of ours.

In 2016, Metric proudly became part of the TriStar family. This provided new avenues for innovation through the shared knowledge and technologies of our group and lead to the opportunity for Metric and our sister company, Format, to combine our efforts. Format are European market leaders in advanced cash safes and security systems. Their technologies are present across a wide variety of industries, from ATMs, to fire protection and burglary prevention. Blending over 30 years of British expertise, with the finest quality German engineering and craftsmanship, Metric can now introduce a versatile range of safes and security systems, to the UK market.

Our safes are meticulously tested and attributed with both Eurograde and AiS ratings, to enhance consumer confidence. Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, whether you require a strict solution to key control or a subtle system for discreet safeguarding of personal belongings.

Our full range of Safes is available on our new online store, offering free UK delivery and a warranty as secure as the safes themselves.

For more information on our products, warranty, or for support selecting the right safe for you, contact us.

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