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We design and develop new and innovative solutions for the parking and transport sectors.

Parking Systems

METRIC’s multi-service terminals and powerful back office system offer the complete parking management solution for any mode of parking

Automated Service Solutions

Modern design meets versatility in the cashless retail terminal

Sprite (CT) Cashless / Ticketless Pay and Leave Your Car Solution

The Features

Cashless solution
Ticketless – No ticket required
Built in remote service diagnostics
Full PSP included for all cashless payments

Public Transport Ticketing Solutions

METRIC provide ticket systems for public transport industry

METRIC SAFES - German engineering, British expertise.

METRIC offers a wide selection of market leading security solutions for personal or commercial use. Explore our selections of burglary safes, home safes as well as gun safes specifically created to protect and secure your personal and/or business belongings. Offering quality engineering and craftsmanship combined with 25+ years of experience, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe and secure in our products. 

METRIC Group - METRIC Parking Systems

Parking Systems

METRIC Group design and manufacture parking management systems including parking terminals, back office systems and integrated solutions.
METRIC Group - METRIC Public Transport

Public Transport

METRIC Group provides public transport corporations with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all ticketing and telematics needs.

METRIC Group: UK Manufacturer of Parking and Ticketing Systems and Solutions

The METRIC brand is synonymous with parking in the UK and worldwide. We have installed more than 60,000 parking meters in over 45 countries. Wherever parking control and integrity matter, trust METRIC to deliver the system for success. When it comes to parking management control, no one offers more flexibility than METRIC. That’s why METRIC’s pay and display systems control more than one million car parking spaces in 1,000 towns and cities around the world.

METRIC Group Ltd are proud to be not only a UK manufacturer of parking machines, but we also design and deliver on-bus ticketing solutions for public transport.