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Introducing the new Sprite parking terminal

Small, Sleek, Smart.

The latest parking terminal to join the METRIC range of innovative parking solutions.

Designed for when space is at a premium but superior functionality is a must.


Sleek Compact Design


Versatile Capacitative Touch Keypad


Ultra Power Efficient

METRIC presents the Sprite, the latest line of parking terminals for the global market; combining the latest in payment options and smart functionality with enhanced solar autonomy for increased power efficiency whilst being compact in size.

New technology is changing the face of parking at an ever increasing pace, METRIC have developed a parking terminal that answers the needs of the global market, not only today but for the future. Packed with smart features, the Sprite is truly a futureproof parking terminal for smart cities.

Streamlined Innovation


Choice of Payment Options

Coin and Banknote acceptance, Chip & Pin with Contactless, and Smart Cards

Choice of Power

Solar, Mains Electricity or Dual Powered

Capacitative Touch Keypad

Responsive and user friendly keypad – easily adapted for changing parking modes.

Choice of Parking Modes

Pay & Display, Pay-by-Plate, Pay-by-Space and ANPR integration

Choice of User Interface

Mono, SD Colour, HD Colour or Touchscreen

Power Optimisation

New electronics for greater power efficiency and more functionality in solar mode
With the Sprite, the parking terminal has been completely reimagined, combining enhanced functionality with sleek design. The terminal offers greater security; enhanced power management; a super efficient solar panel which can be rotated 180 degrees for optimum exposure; and a customisable keypad.

An attractive piece of street furniture, the slim-line and contemporary design of the Sprite will complement the street scene environment. The inclusively designed terminal has been created with the customer journey in mind.

Completely Cashless


  • Quick and convenient payments for your customers
  • No more cash collection visits to the machine
  • Full casework or post mounted

Captivate, Educate, Advertise.



The large HD video screen on the Sprite is the perfect opportunity to communicate with your customers. Whether this be for community or promotional messages.

Additional Revenue

Add an additional revenue stream by selling the advertising space to local retailers.

Simple to Use

The video screens are simple to update with video and static image content with the ability to plan scheduling months in advance.

Make a big impact and communicate to your customers with the power of HD video.

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