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Your Parking Data – Anytime, Anywhere

METRIC presents Mi-Office, a comprehensive back-office solution providing you with maximum visibility of your machine data, all from any device with a web browser.

Mi-Office provides you with everything you need to manage your parking machines remotely, with a live interactive dashboard, a wide range of reports, machine key management and much more right at your fingertips.

Mi-Office Live Dashboard Text

The live interactive dashboard allows for instant visibility of revenue data, machine status and performance data for the last 24 hours in a dynamic format, easily allowing you to identify peak transaction times for that day and any machine operational warnings which require personnel deployment.

2-way communication between your Metric machines and Mi-Office using GPRS, LAN and 4G mesh networks means you will never be out of touch with your data. Information is transmitted from the machines for all operational warnings, including details of low-ticket stock, coin box status plus a comprehensive log of all transaction data for auditing and statistical analysis.

Laptop with Mi-Office Data

Our highly intuitive reporting technology provides vital information to maximise revenue, control costs and contributes to the efficient deployment of personnel.

Greater Flexibility and Control

Utilising Mi-Xchange with standard industry protocols (APIs), data from the back office can seamlessly integrate with third party systems, including ANPR and back office enforcement products.

Create, edit and deploy new tariffs right from inside the back office. Mi-Tariffs gives you the flexibility to change tariffs as and when you need to.

Mi-Reports gives you full access to all your data, allowing you to create reports on any data collated by your machines. This allows you to go beyond the standard reports available in Mi-Office and edit the existing report templates to produce reports that are relevant to your business.

With Mi-Vouchers, you can create unique barcodes that when presented at the machine will give the motorist free or discounted parking. Applications for Mi-Vouchers include Residential, Retail and Membership schemes.

Looking to generate a second revenue stream from parking? With a high definition video screen you can sell advertising space. Mi-Media is the back office component that works with the video screens allowing you complete control of the scheduling of the content being displayed. Easily upload media content (static or motion graphics) and create playlists selecting the time, day and date range for each piece of content.

Mi-Media makes it easy to remotely update your machines’ video screens whenever you need to. With access permission settings, you can hand Mi-Media over to a third party agency to manage your video screen advertising for you.

With the new Multi-Tenancy functionality within Mi-Office, an operator can now have multiple customers hosted on one single install of Mi-Office. There are three levels of access permissions: Operator who can view all machines; Customer who can view all machines within their sites; and Site who can only view machines within a particular site. This will allow the operator to only configure one system and allow customers to have logins that can only see their machines and only data from their machines throughout the system.

METRIC pride ourselves on delivering the best service for our customers, including how your Mi-Office system is hosted. Choose the convenience of having your Mi-Office hosted by METRIC without the hassle of setting up infrastructure or ongoing maintenance. Alternatively, Mi-Office can be hosted by the customer if required to meet the business needs or legal requirements. Whichever hosting option you choose, Mi-Office is always accessible via a web browser anytime, anywhere.

Mi-Office tablet based dashboard

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