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Barrier-Controlled Pay-on-Foot solution with Ticketed or Ticketless Options
The Xparc Pay-on-Foot System, powered by Amano, is the leading solution for car parks that need secure access control. By combining state-of-the-art software solutions with revolutionary design, the Xparc system is a market leader in barrier-controlled parking management systems.

Designed for all markets with both the customer and manager in mind, Xparc is highly user-friendly while providing superior control and money collection features.

With the CCTV IP Camera and ANPR system, every moment is recorded. Not only do you get an innovative machine design, but industry leading software to match, and the reasons to choose the Xparc don’t stop there.

Why choose Xparc?

Modular Construction
Seamless integration with ERP systems
No software installation on local or remote workstations required
Online system management
Unlimited amount of cardholders and customers
Runs on any device with a browser
Remote financial/statistical reporting
Remote service orientated approach
Unlimited amount of connected devices
Unlimited amount of tariffs
Graphical system monitoring
Flexible user rights administration

Entrance/Exit Terminal

The revolutionary look allows for an ergonomic integration in any site. Xlane is installed at entrances, exits or transits of TCP/IP based parking systems managed by Xparc

Barrier/Speed Gates

The Xlane can manage barrier gates with either standard I/O connectivity or a serial interface. The flexibility of Xparc assures that the optimal choice can be made for each specific site.


Xpay offers a wide variety of payment methods from cash to cashless and from credit card to customised Xcards.

Additionally, automatic ‘top-up’ of parking cards is a standard feature. The Xpay is accessible to all users.

ANPR system

Licence plate recognition with fully integrated OCR module. Can easily be fitted retrospectively to allow automated entry/exit to a given car park.


A stylish IP phone based intercom comes as standard and connects directly to entrances, exits and paystations.

CCTV IP Camera

TCP/IP based monitoring with networked camera. Video over IP images are fully integrated in the Xoffice user interface.
IP ‘Spycams’ can also be used in entrance/exit paystations in miniature format.

Cash Station

Xcash is monitored by a cashier to handle cash payments and to issue or renew tickets or cards. If required serves as a ‘backup’ to automated paystations.

Central Server

Xoffice is the 100% web based management system for X-parc. Configure, maintain and manage your system from anywhere in the world on any device that has a browser.


Reward customers with free or discounted parking. Non-customers pay full parking fee at the paystation.


Incorporate parking fee and ticket price into one transaction for added customer value


Manage secure parking by allowing staff and students access using the ERP system


Streamline car park management with centralised web based monitoring of car parks

Car Park Operators

Xparc exports revenue data to a central ERP system that manages multiple car parks.


Add value to the customer’s stay by including the parking fee as part of the room invoice


Offer free or discounted parking to patients or their visitors

Event Management

Turn a field into a temporary parking facility – parking attendants can handle payments via a tablet PC linked to the central server

Additional XParc Components


XParc Mobile

Xparc Mobile is the ideal tool for the “mobile” operator. Assistance can be delivered to customers by use of a smartphone. The car park can be monitored, gates can be opened, intercom calls can be served in real time.


Complete Door Reader Device

Door readers are installed against a wall at pedestrian access points of Xparc systems allowing authorised access points.


Discount Validator

The XR1800 is a versatile unit for the provision of shop discounts. Upon insertion of a parking ticket the unit prints a predefined barcode onto the ticket, just above the access barcode allowing the unit to be ‘stand alone’.


Door Reader Intercom

The XP6200 is an intercom only door reader. The housing is seamlessly integrated in the Xparc design allowing two way conversation at ‘Help Points’ within any given car park.

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