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EV Charging solutions for tomorrow, today

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METRIC Group now offers EV Charging solutions that can integrate with our Parking Systems to deliver the total parking and charging solution whatever your business needs. We offer a range of EV charging solutions, from 7.3kW and 22kW fast AC Chargers best suited to domestic and office use, up to 40kW, 60kW and 300kW super rapid DC chargers for large commercial sites.

Our EV Charging division offers consultancy and solutions whatever your level of need. Whether you are a local authority or a commercial operation we have the right solution for you and can advise on the best solutions for today and tomorrow.

With additional options for solar power and energy storage, you can store energy overnight and use it through the day for charging. Why not integrate your parking systems with EV charging and let customers pay for both using one integrated terminal. We also offer secure payment solutions that do not require a separate app, simply scan a QR code and select the charging time required.

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As the leading provider of car parking solutions and ticketing systems, we know that car parking is changing.

Modern parking solutions need to allow for new innovation, and this includes the increasing use of Electric Vehicles (EV’s). Our EV Charging division has been created to address this issue and ensure that we can provide charging solutions that stand alone or integrate for parking and charging, with options to suit the requirements of:
• Commercial Charging
• Workplace Charging
• Fleet charging
• Public Charging
• Domestic / Property Developer Charging

The demand for Electric Vehicles is growing and with government setting targets to reduce reliance on petrol and diesel engines, more needs to be done to ensure charging points are ready and accessible for all.

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Million EV's Globally in 2020


of Global Registered Vehicles

Million EV's Globally by 2030


of Global Registered Vehicles

Metric Group has invested in best in class EV charging technology, in order to provide flexible and effective solutions that can operate as stand alone systems or integrate with Metric parking systems for a fully integrated parking and charging solution.

If you want to provide charging points for staff in you company carpark, or offer customers the opportunity to plug in and top up, we can advise on the best solutions for you.

If you are investing in an EV Fleet, you may require a charging hub for multiple vehicles and if you just want to add convenient charging points into an existing parking scheme, we can help you deliver an integrated ticketing solution to park and charge.

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EV Charging solutions whatever your needs

Why Should You Offer Commercial Charging?

Increase footfall and loyalty to your commercial locations by ensuring you have charge points your customers can use, and return to again and again. Drivers of EVs are reassured that they can park and charge while using the facilities on offer.

Show your customers you are serious about achieving Net Carbon Zero and provide a charging experience that is second to none.

Offer customised tariff options for regular visitors, or reduced rate parking to encourage adoption.

Finally, plan for the future and ensure your charging infrastructure can grow as demand grows.

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Should you provide Workplace Charging?

As EV adoption continues to grow, more employers will want to ensure staff can access charge points throughout the working day.

Robust, low maintenance charging solutions can be installed to ensure staff and visitors are well catered for no matter the make or model and with Gov Grants available for installation…

Can be counted towards net zero carbon targets for the company, while providing a positive CSR message for cleaner air, reduced emissions and a happier, healthier workforce.

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What is Fleet Charging?

Maybe you have a range of different vehicles you need to top-up through the day, and fully charge overnight? No problem. Our tailored charging solutions have options for all EV models, and are controlled by smart apps and software that will help you control and understand your EV charging.

Ensure your charging is efficient and effective while minimising the cost of energy. Earn carbon credits for your organisation and even generate additional income by setting special tariffs for visitors that want to charge

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How can you provide Public Charging?

Similar to commercial charging but for public carparks. Metric offers charging solutions that will integrate with parking solutions to Park and Charge, allowing for special tariffs, discount vouchers and even charge point reservation. Pay on foot, pay and display or pay on exit, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Metric can also provide additional Products and services to ensure only register users can access charging bays

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What about Domestic Properties and Property Developers?

While Metric does not deal with one off installations for private individuals, we are able to work with property developers on new build projects.

New Government legislation requires that any new residential or commercial buildings must ensure provision for Electric Vehicle charging points. Metric EV can help you provide sufficient provision initially and ensure you have a clear path for increased capacity as and when that is required.

Metric can provide not only provide hardware for installation, but also the back office management solutions to ensure the charging infrastructure is working efficiently and is delivering optimal charging performance.

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Fully Funded Installations – The Metric Difference

Through the EV division, Metric Group are offering the perfect solution for EV charging, with a range of fast AC and rapid DC chargers, all of which can be integrated with our contactless and QR code payment solutions.

Unlike other EV Installer/operators, Metric Group will fund the investment in the required EV infrastructure (subject to survey) needed to install charging stations in existing built environments, or to meet the government regulations on new build developments. This could potentially save businesses, property owners, investors and developers the up-front equipment and installation costs.

In addition, Metric can also pay a percentage of any income generated by each electric vehicle charging session back to the site owner, offering them the opportunity to generate revenue as well as adding to their facilities.

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Our Range of EV Charging Solutions and More

Metric Group offers a range of EV charging solutions. From a 7.3kW and 22kW fast AC chargers best suited to domestic and office use, up to 40kW, 60kW and 300 kW super rapid DC Chargers for large commercial sites. With domestic and light commercial fast charging, to super rapid charging, Metric Group can provide a complete solution whatever your requirements.

With additional options for solar power and energy storage you can store energy overnight and use it through the day for charging.

Why not integrate your parking system with EV Charging and let customers pay for both parking and charging on an integrated terminal.

We also offer secure payment solutions that do not require a separate app, simply scan a QR code and select the charging time required.

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