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We provide parking solutions, not just ticket machines.

More than just a manufacturer, Metric are at the forefront of parking technology.

Parking Solutions

We are innovators: a driving force for advanced parking management systems for urban mobility.

UK Manufacturer

Our Parking Terminals are designed and manufactured in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Multi-Service Terminals

Our powerful parking terminals are the most flexible on the market

Parking Solutions

METRIC Parking Systems - The METRIC Elite LS Touchscreen Parking Terminal

METRIC Parking Systems

At METRIC, we focus on providing advanced parking solutions. We believe that with our range of parking terminals we can create a parking management system that is right for your organisation’s needs. We work with high profile clients such as Tesco to develop innovative parking solutions using automated parking technologies for parking management.

METRIC has a history of 40 years in the parking industry and a global presence and reputation for quality British design and manufacturing. Our parking ticket machines are installed worldwide across 45 countries from the Middle East to the USA.

Parking Terminals

METRIC has a long history of manufacturing payment terminals and ticket machines for on street parking solutions.  Our parking terminals are designed, developed and made in the UK – right here at Metric House in Swindon. Our team of dedicated engineers are available across the UK offering you unrivaled technical support.

Our distinctive Elite parking ticket machine with the blue halo has been out in the field since 2012 providing a futureproof parking solution. We’ve seen some exciting developments in recent years and our Elites are now more flexible than ever with new payment options and design features including a large HD colour screen.

On Street Parking Solutions - METRIC Elite LS Parking Machine
Pay on Foot Parking System - Amano Xparc

Pay on Foot Parking System

For off street parking control management, the Xparc car park barrier system powered by Amano offers a complete solution with stylish contemporary looks with state-of-the-art software.

This comprehensive solution includes car park barriers for entry and exit management, ANPR and CCTV cameras for security and tracking as well as an impressive car park management software.

This car park access control system is ideal for hotel parking, airport car parking, shopping centre parking and underground parking solutions.

ANPR Parking Enforcement Systems

Our award-winning VivoPark solution provides a barrier-free parking experience which is managed by the latest in ANPR technology. Our solution allows retailers to reward customers with free or discounted parking whilst effectively managing their car parks – with no parking barriers required.

Change the way your business thinks about supermarket car parking or shopping centre parking. With the VivoPark parking enforcement system, the level of enforcement is entirely decided based on what is right for your business needs. Protect your car park from unauthorised users and reward your customers loyalty.

This smart parking system is not only great for managing parking in retail but also for NHS hospital staff and visitor parking and Park & Ride.

ANPR Parking Enforcement Systems - No Barriers Required

Innovation in Parking

The METRIC Elite LS is the most flexible parking terminal on the market today, with a range of options making it highly configurable to meet your business’ parking needs.

More Payment Options

The Elite LS is capable of accepting the latest in payment methods from coins and banknotes through to contactless and discount vouchers.



The Elite LS is configurable to serve many different modes of parking including Pay & Display, Pay-by-Plate, Pay-by-Space, ANPR managed car parks and Fixed Fee Barrier-Controlled zones.


Greater Ticket Capacity

The Elite LS has the option of a twin printer that doubles the ticket capacity to 8,000, meaning no wastage, greater uptime and half the front line maintenance visits to replenish ticket stock

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machines across the world

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