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Our Company

METRIC are an innovative technology company, leading solution provider and service partner
in the fields of parking and ticketing

Our Story

METRIC is first and foremost a technology company. We design and develop new and innovative solutions for the parking and transport sectors. METRIC have a long history of being at the forefront of design and innovation, our company has produced many firsts from the first ticket machine to allow overlapping fare stages and first all-electronic desktop calculator to the world’s first electronic pay & display machine.

METRIC is a proud British manufacturer of payment and ticketing solutions for parking and parking management . METRIC have installed more than 60,000 parking meters in over 45 countries. Wherever parking control and integrity matter, trust METRIC to deliver the system for success. When it comes to parking and management control, no one offers more flexibility than METRIC. That’s why our pay and display systems control more than one million car parking spaces in 1,000 towns and cities around the world.

For information on products and services related to PUBLIC TRANSPORT, please click on the following link, and head over to Metric Tristarinc Ltd.

METRIC car park ticket machines and pay on foot systems offer the public and operators the best parking management solutions available today. As one of the leading suppliers to the industry, we provide unbeatable and cost-effective solutions for all types of pay and display requirements for both on and off street parking, ‘park & ride’​ schemes, residential and commercial parking.

More recently, changing needs of motorists and the increasing popularity of Electric Vehicles has led Metric to introduce commercial EV Charging solutions and leveraging our experience in the parking market, we have invested in new technology to provide cashless payment solutions for combined parking and charging and have developed a cloud based payment solution.


Our heritage dates back to the Bell Punch Company

parking terminals worldwide

ticketing systems across Europe

Winner of the BPA Parking Technology Award for VivoPark


METRIC comprises of a strong team of engineers, computer scientists, sales specialists, designers, technicians and administrators. All of these people focus on the development and production of highly-efficient, user-friendly, and reliable products in the field of ticketing and parking. Each one is crucial to the success of our business.

Are you a good fit?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join the METRIC team, if you think your skills match our business, get in touch.

Green Credentials

How METRIC do our bit

METRIC take their commitment to the environment seriously. There is a company-wide focus on reducing waste and recycling that is embraced by all our employees.

METRIC are ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems) accredited throughout the company, not only with our production facility but to include our maintenance and installation services.

Our environmental awareness extends to the products we design and build. Since the 1980´s METRIC has been designing and supplying solar powered ticketing machines for the parking industry. Customer demand has driven the development of this technology which reduces installation costs and promotes the use of a renewable energy source.

The METRIC Elite and Sprite machines are top of the league when it comes to efficient use of solar power and we are committed to improving our product’s energy consumption.

Manufacturing & Delivery

RoHS Compliance – Restriction of Hazardous Substances during manufacturing. Metric recognise the importance of the regulation to remove harmful chemicals and substances which may pose an environmental hazard either at manufacturing, during product life of at disposal and as such our policy is for all equipment to shipped with this assurance, even though it is not required in some countries.

All products are manufactured with the modular concept, this allows our customer to make re-use and upgrades a simple process.

Maximise recycling, in addition to the WEEE regulation all our packaging is 100% recyclable. We also advocate re-use of packaging and arrange for collection of the material with the customer wherever possible.

Metric are the only UK manufacturer of pay and display machines, designed, built and dispatched from Swindon in Wiltshire. This ensures that all UK customers can reduce their carbon footprint when choosing Metric as there is no requirement for international air freight or shipping.

As a thank you for procuring your Parking Equipment through Metric Group Ltd, we are committing to plant one tree for every Pay & Display machine ordered on behalf of your organisation. This will help towards our fight to stop Climate Change and also improve our environmental & social impacts at local and global levels, where our main motivation for doing this is sustainability.

Employees and Workplace
Staff working at and out of our headquarters in the UK are encouraged to car share to work, a pool car scheme operates to reduce the need for company vehicles for essential users on company business.

The company has over 100 vehicles in its fleet and a policy to source only vehicles with C02 emissions under 160g has been instigated with a target to reduce this further as vehicle technology improves.

Recycling of metals, cardboard, plastics, paper are in strict operation through the manufacturing facility, this policy also applies to office space environments.

Paper towels and disposable coffee cups are no longer used at Metric House. Energy efficient air dryers have been installed.

With over 90 engineers on the road, our Service Department monitor our carbon footprint very closely. All vehicles are fitted with tracking devices and with our GPS software we can direct the closest engineer to a call, improving our response time and customer service, whilst minimising use of fuel and carbon emissions.

WEEE Regulations
The Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations objectives specify a minimum of 75% recycling and 80% recovery. At Metric we are proud that we can achieve over a 90% for both recycling and recovery.

Metric acknowledges the responsibility for the collection and the recycling of equipment removed from site, when installed after the 13th August 2005 (as specified in the WEEE regulations).

Metric have selected a number of companies with local networks of waste collection and treatment. At the end of life of a product, Metric manages the logistics, dismantling and recycling in agreement with the customer.

Quality Assurance

Quality ranks first and foremost for METRIC and for its customers. The strong growth the company has enjoyed over recent decades and its success are based primarily on the high quality of its products. Numerous follow-up orders from large and well-known companies bear testimony to that. Some of these companies have been customers of METRIC for more than 30 years.

METRIC has implemented an efficient and comprehensive Quality Management System. It provides a means of recording any and all requirements stipulated by customers, the market or by legislation. It is the foundation for the thorough understanding needed to develop or customise solutions to meet specific requirements. This results in clear and detailed specifications for production, which is also continuously monitored very closely. The sophisticated management system guarantees lasting quality even for the many daily routine business procedures.

METRIC are also ISO 9001 (Quality Management) certified.

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