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The Metric AI-Gate

Intelligent Access Control

Metric AI Gate Access Control
Metric AI Gate Access Control Camera Close Up

The Metric AI-Gate is an innovative access control system consisting of barrier gates with integrated ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras.

The ANPR system can identify car number plates instantly and permit vehicle access / egress more efficiently as it eliminates the need for various cards, tickets, tokens, or a manned kiosk, thus saving time, money and being more environmentally friendly.

With the combination of the Barriers and Cameras the Back Office software which uses ANPR technology to implement automatic control and management of the parking lot provides convenient and reliable services for parking management.

Metric AI Gate Access Control
Metric AI Gate Access Control

Why choose AI-Gate

Modular Construction

Seamless integration with Metric payment terminals

No software installation on local or remote workstations required
Online system management

Unlimited amount of permit holders and customers

Unlimited amount of tariffs
Remote financial/statistical reporting
Runs on any device with a browser
Flexible user rights administration
Metric AI Gate Access Control

This basic solution can be applied to a variety of non-payment parking situations, including hospitals, schools, businesses or private car parks.

With all these features included

    • ANPR camera
    • Light sensor and integrated fill light
    • Barrier with inbuilt protection
    • Intercom
    • Handheld remote control for support staff
    • Dual Radar detection of a vehicle passing

this makes for a very versatile solution that can be tailored to suit the demands of everchanging parking systems in the current climate

The Ai-Gate back office features

    • Permit management
    • Remote barrier control
    • Intercom to speak with drivers
    • ANPR camera monitoring
    • System reporting
    • Dashboard statistics

The AI Gate also has the option of being linked to the Metric suite of parking payment terminals offering contactless or cash payment solutions if required, adding vehicle plates to the permit list for the duration of the transaction purchased.


Permit management of staff and visitor parking


Permit and membership management of staff and visitor parking


Manage secure parking by allowing staff and students access using permit management and control visitor parking


Integrate car park management with staff and visitor parking

Car Park Operators

Permit management system that allows visibility across multiple car parks.


Manage guests parking through permit or payment terminals


Control permits and discounts for staff and visitor parking

Event Management

Segregated parking areas allowing easy access for staff and permit parking

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