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More than just a ticket machine

The METRIC Elite LS range of payment terminals is designed to meet the BS EN 12414 standard for a car park ticket machine. It provides the operator with a variety of options to control parking. Pay and display is deployed to control the majority of parking both on and off street. The METRIC Elite LS machine has now evolved to provide all possible payment options for the parking operator.

The METRIC Elite LS is a multi-service payment terminal and can be used for the following applications:

  • Pay and Display Parking
  • Pay by Space Parking
  • Barrier Controlled Payments
  • ANPR Integrated Payment Terminal
  • Leisure Facility Payments
  • Transport Ticketing Solutions
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
METRIC Elite LS Ticket Machine
The METRIC Elite LS range of ticket machines are modular built and have the greatest flexibility and functions available to the operator today. Features can range from a completely cashless solution through to a terminal with 8,000 ticket capacity with all possible payment options.

Power Options

Solar Powered pay and display machines


The Elite LS has exceptional performance in solar mode providing the customer with outstanding autonomous operation.
Mains Powered payment terminal

Mains Electricity

Mains powered terminals benefit from an internal heater as standard and a variety of add-on features.
Dual Powered car park ticket machine


The Elite LS can be operated as a hybrid using both solar and mains to power the terminal.

Payment Options

car park meter coin acceptance


The Elite LS coin option has electronic validation of up to 15 different coins of any currency. This also allows for the introduction of new coins.
banknote reader on car parking machine

Banknote Reader

Electronic validation of up to 16 currency values with acceptance of up to 64 different international banknotes
Chip & Pin card payments on car park meter

Chip & Pin

Accept credit and debit card payments with our PCI Level 3 compliant chip & pin option
Contactless Payments including ApplePay on METRIC payment terminal


Accept contactless payments including Apple Pay.
Smart Card on street parking solutions

Smart Cards

Accept smart cards for a range of different schemes
terminal payment by voucher

Voucher Scanning

Offer free or discounted parking to your customers

Screen Options

METRIC Elite LS Mono Screen

Mono Screen

The mono screen is offered as standard and is a low power option
METRIC Elite LS Colour Screen

Colour Screen

Upgrade to a standard definition or high definition (mains only) colour screen
METRIC Elite LS Touchscreen Innovative parking solution

Touch Screen

NEW User friendly touch screen interface

Extra Options

Twin Printer pay and display machine

Twin Printer

Exclusive to the Elite LS is the option of a twin printer. Doubling ticket capacity to 8,000, reducing front line maintenance visits to the ticket machine and no ticket wastage.
Alphanumeric Keypad for Pay by Plate parking systems

Alphanumeric Keypad

The full alphanumeric keypad allows for data entry allowing you to capture details such as vehicle registration, or allow unique references to be entered for payments of against other offered services.
video screen on METRIC pay & display machines

Video Screen

Videos can communicate so much more – with the HD video screen on the Elite LS you can display promotional or informational messages or advertising which can be an additional revenue stream.

Metric Elite LS Upgrade Kit

The way people pay for parking is rapidly evolving and this change has been expedited by the recent global pandemic. Metric recognise that COVID-19 is going to have a profound effect on how people pay for parking. Contactless payments is now considered a far safer and hygienic way of paying by leading health experts. To support our customers in this challenging time we have launched our new “Metric Elite LS upgrade kit” to enable customers to accept contactless payments on their Elite LS coin only terminals. Our customers safety will always be our top priority and contactless payments is a simple way of protecting our customer parking revenue whilst offering safe and reliable payments.

Are you ready for tomorrow? The Metric Elite LS upgrade Kit is safe, reliable and future proof.

Metric Elite LS Upgrade Kit – Upgrade your Elite LS to accept chip and contactless payments – upgrade today from £1,850.00 – “Subject to machine specification”

We can assist with the appropriate processes to help you take credit card payments and we can work with you to ensure the area where the machine is located has a suitable signal or network connection to enable credit card/contactless transactions

If you would like to hear more about our new contactless upgrade kit please call our team

The METRIC Elite launched in May 2012.

networked machines via WebASLAN

There are over 10,000 METRIC Elites live across the world

With twin printers, the METRIC Elite can hold 8000 tickets

A new experience in parking


Reward Loyalty

Offer discounts, special parking rates or even free parking to reward your customers and encourage return visits.

Paper or e-vouchers

The high-tech scanner will read e-vouchers from mobile devices so you have even more ways to encourage your customers to visit your business again.

Intuitive Touch Screen

Intuitive colour touch screen is easy for shoppers to use and provides additional advertising opportunities.

Connected, always

METRIC CLOUD is the powerful back office suite that connects you with your parking terminals, wherever you are.

Quickly and easily monitor the status of your machines, provides comprehensive audit and reporting functions, and two-way communication between the terminal and the back office.

NEW Video Screen


Impactful Communication

“If a picture tells a thousand words, video tells a million” – Video creates meaningful and impactful communication opportunities with your customer

Community / Informational Messages

Use video to communicate local community information or public service announcements

Additional Revenue

Use the video screen for advertising and generate additional revenue from your parking terminals

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