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Simon Cowley in his new role as Production manager


Metric Group would like to congratulate Simon Cowley on the successful completion of his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Simon started work at Metric Group in 2009 and was employed as a Temporary Production Operative. He progressed during the next 10 Years to Team Leader and finally Trainee Production Manager in 2019.

In passing his Diploma we are happy to announce that he will be promoted to Production Manager, from June 1st, 2021.

We are sure Simon will continue to learn and grow within the business, imparting to those around him the importance of progress and motivation. Simon’s understanding of production, having worked his way up ensures that those working with him will benefit from his unique individual knowledge and experience.

Simons enthusiasm and drive extends beyond the workplace, having been a football coach for the past 8 years he expertly started up his own under 12’s team with FC Abbey Meads, Swindon. Within their short timespan, the teams have won summer tournaments as well as many seasonal cup competitions and gone from an all-boys team to mixed gender and ability team. Simon attributes the team’s success to “Having a great set of players, coaches and parents who all get along well”.  For the last 2 Seasons, Simon has also played for AFC Swindon as a goalkeeper in the Wiltshire vets league. Metric wishes Simon continued growth and leadership within the business and his football ventures.


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