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Micro Payment Terminal

Windcave – Consolidated Payment Solutions

Metric Group is always looking for solutions that will enhance our products making them easier to use and help clients to choose Metric.

It is for this reason that we are pleased to announce that our latest technology partner is helping us to provide secure Credit Card payment solutions in geographical areas including Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America.


Who are Windcave?

Windcave operate in the Payment Processing sector developing market leading solutions for POS and Payment Terminals. They are a one-stop provider of ecommerce, retail and unattended payment solutions for customers around the world. Certified with all major acquirers and card schemes, they provide PCI-compliant payment solutions, ensuring payments are safe, seamless, and secure.

Windcave provides a wide range of unattended payment solutions that can be integrated into Metric products, and with over 30,000 unattended payment devices worldwide, Windcave is the global leader in unattended cashless payments.


Why do we need this capability?

As a provider of payment terminals to global markets, where more customers are moving toward cashless solutions, Metric need to ensure we can offer a choice of secure and reliable payment options that would suit different countries and customer needs.

Windcave unattended terminals are P2PE compliant and use DUKPT key management; this means that from card presentation to payment validation you can be sure that your customer’s card data is secure.


What Windcave products are Metric using?

Metric is currently offering the Windcave BRF210F Terminal on our Micro payment terminals, with this and other terminals available as options on other parking and payment terminals depending on the needs of the customer.

Graham Dobie – Metric Head of Sales International, said “Using Windcave allows us to offer Credit Card Payment solutions across a wide geographic area, ideal for clients looking to go cashless. We are expecting lots of interest around world from new and existing customers, and our distributors are happy to be able to offer this type of solution.”

From Windcave, Jason Massing – Sales Manager, UK & Europe said, “Our partnership with Metric and their innovative solutions opens up doors for current merchants to explore new avenues to take payments for their business, outside of their typical online and retail environments.

To find out more about Windcave device options for your payment terminals please contact the Metric sales team or contact us here >>>


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