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Metric Safes

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METRIC Safes – Best in quality and service

METRIC Safes offer a versatile range of security systems for both commercial and domestic applications. Combining high quality German engineering and craftsmanship with passionate British expertise, has enabled us to introduce industry leading security systems, to the UK market. Meticulously tested, AiS approved and Eurograde rated, with a warranty as secure as the safes themselves. 

Safes that can be mounted on a wall

Home Safes

A comprehensive range of home Safe solutions. AiS approved and guaranteed high quality, perfect for protecting the items that matter.

Safes that can be mounted on a wall

Fire Safes

Our specialised collection of fire security systems are purpose-built to defend irreplaceable valuables, with up to 1 hour of protection against fire damage.

Safes that can be mounted on a wall

Deposit Safes

Ideal for retail and businesses, that handle cash and confidential documents. Deposit safes offer a quick and easy solution to securing assets while protecting the contents from unauthorised access.

Safes that can be mounted on a wall

Wall Safes

The wall mounted safe provides extra protection and hidden security for your valuables, keeping them out of sight and allowing for versatile, space saving mounting options.

Safes that can be mounted on a wall

Key Safes

The ideal option for facilities requiring strict key control, with deposit options available, for limited access and up to 120 key capacity.

Safes that can be mounted on a wall

High Security Safes

High-security safes have up to level 3 Eurograde rating, ensuring reliable protection.

What does AiS approval mean?

The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS), is an organisation that independently evaluate risks, on behalf of UK insurance agencies. AIS test the risk factors of products and services, to ensure they meet certain criteria and standards. This includes providing recommendations for safes, with ratings that certify what kind of cash value they are capable of reasonably protecting from theft or damage.

A safe that is AIS approved will be given a rating in cash value. This starts at £1.000 and can go up to several hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What does Eurograde rating mean?

The Eurograde rating system indicates to customers the ability a safe has to protect itself against theft and burglary attempts. To get this grade, the products have to pass a series of tests. A variety of tools are used for differing and lengthening amounts of time, and the safe is scored, according to how it responds. The rating system is ranked from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest level of security, and can help you determine which product is best suited to your requirements. In the case of insured safes, insurance companies will recognise and honour the grade associated with the safe, to assist them in determining the level of cover they can provide. All Eurograde safes will be tested to EN1143-1 level for theft attempt. The Eurograde rating system is standardised across Europe.

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Visit our store to buy certified safes online. Find the best solution for personal or business, with high quality and AiS approved.

Standard delivery to a mainland address within Great Britain is provided free of charge.

Metric Group is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 registered.

ISO9001 and ISO14001 registered badges.

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METRIC has over 40 years of experience in providing customer focused service and with over 50 qualified engineers located across the country we are always on hand to help.

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