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The way people pay for parking is rapidly evolving and this change has been expedited by the recent global pandemic. Metric recognise that COVID-19 is going to have a profound effect on how people pay for parking. Contactless payments is now considered a far safer and hygienic way of paying by leading health experts. To support our customers in this challenging time we have launched our new “Metric Elite LS upgrade kit” to enable customers to accept contactless payments on their Elite LS coin only terminals. Our customers safety will always be our top priority and contactless payments is a simple way of protecting our customer parking revenue whilst offering safe and reliable payments.

Are you ready for tomorrow? The Metric Elite LS upgrade Kit is safe, reliable and future proof.

Metric Elite LS Upgrade Kit – Upgrade your Elite LS to accept chip and contactless payments – upgrade today from £1,850.00 – “Subject to machine specification”

We can assist with the appropriate processes to help you take credit card payments and we can work with you to ensure the area where the machine is located has a suitable signal or network connection to enable credit card/contactless transactions

If you would like to hear more about our new contactless upgrade kit please call our team

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