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Metric Connect

An industry-leading software as a service (SaaS) solution which helps, local authorities, NHS trusts, Universities and car park operators to seamlessly manage every aspect of their parking operations while being intuitive and hassle-free for customers, has been unveiled by the Metric Group.

The intelligent parking company, which works with 80% of UK local authorities and has a legacy of over 40 years in the sector, has launched Metric Connect, a suite of tools it describes as a ‘one-stop-shop, providing all parking needs in one place.’

An integrated cloud-based solution, it aims to streamline processes for users and enable both private and local authority operators to fully manage notice processing from end to end, saving considerable time and resource. It includes PayMyPark, an intuitive cashless payment app and website, enforcement app, back-office notice processing system, plus a configurable permit back-office management module and customer self-service PCN and permit websites. Additional benefits include an intelligent automatic workflow system and much more.

Bolstered by Metric’s global reputation for delivering reliable parking hardware and exemplary service support, Metric Connect represents a significant milestone for the group, according to Joe McManus, sales and marketing director.

He explains: “This is a pioneering new offering which signifies a huge change in the way Metric operates and serves our customers and prospects.

“The world is quickly evolving – parking systems and transport infrastructure are struggling to keep pace and we know our customers need support to effectively respond to these changes.

“Through the ‘one stop shop’ of Metric Connect, we are giving back control and offering an essential lifeline to those who manage car parks and have responsibility for traffic systems in towns and cities across the nation. By bringing everything together in one place, our technology can add value where it is needed most, through reduced administration costs, improved compliance, and better integration to positively impact challenges surrounding areas including congestion, security, and green vehicles.”

The Metric team spent months working with developers in New Zealand to bring the vision for Metric Connect to life.

Joe continues: “This is a competitive landscape and so it was incredibly important to us that the technology we launch is not only completely unique to what’s out there, but that it’s easy to use, learn from and improve compliance in the industry”.

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